Get access to fun & engaging digital math games that your students will love.

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Want an EASY way to help your students improve their math skills?

With Digital Math Games, your 3rd-6th grade students can ENJOY applying their math skills…and you hardly have to lift a finger to make that happen!

Here’s what’s so great about Digital Math Games:

The entire site & ALL of the games are completely ad-free! (And every parent & math teacher said hallelujah!)

All games are self-checking. Students get instant feedback & there’s no prep or grading for parents or teachers.

Every payment option includes access to games for ALL grade levels. Kids can work on remedial or advanced skills – not just their grade level.

Many activities are rooted in real-world problem solving. The games help students understand how they’ll use these essential math skills beyond math class!

The site is very easy to use & games are simple to find. You can search for games based on grade level, math topic or math standard.

Games are based on grade-specific standards, so you can easily align the activities with your curriculum.

Digital Math Games will help your students practice their math in FUN & meaningful ways.

With easy to use games that align to math standards for grades 3-6 (and over 50 games per grade level!), your students will enjoy practicing their math skills. And you’ll enjoy not having to prepare or grade any extra homework or reviews. ūüėČ

Use these games to supplement your teaching in so many ways:

  • As a math center in the classroom
  • Extra practice for early finishers
  • A helpful resource for parents/students to use at home
  • Help for students who need additional review
  • Extra math practice for homeschool families
  • As a quick review before quizzes or tests

Get access to over 200 ad-free math games & have your students start playing today!

Take a look at some of these amazing game features:

With a variety of games comes a variety of ways to play! Each grade level comes with games that enable students to:

  • Sort
  • Match (like the Memory game)
  • Drag & drop
  • Type the answer
  • Click to move on

Students can track their own progress throughout the game – no grading for you!

If a student gets an answer wrong (or even partially right and partially wrong), the game will tell them & give them the opportunity to try again.

Games also enable the student to click to see:

  • A hint to nudge them in the right direction for solving the problem
  • A formula for how to solve that particular problem (when applicable)

As long as you have an internet connection, games can be accessed from any device. There’s no flash player or software to download!

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones

Games per grade level

Access more than 200 games in total!

Grades included

You get access to ALL grade levels with your membership!

Standards Based

Every activity is purposefully designed to align to the standards

Times to play!

Students can repeat games however often they need to!

AND Digital Math Games will help your students answer that infamous question: “When will I actually use this in real life?”

Ahhh, yes. As math teachers, interventionists, specialists, and parents, we’re all quite familiar with that question, aren’t we?!

Yet another reason you’ll be so grateful for Digital Math Games!

These games are full of examples as to how students will encounter math in everyday situations. They were intentionally designed to help kids not just practice their math skills, but see the purpose (and the need for!) math skills in everyday life!

With over 50 games PER grade level (and we’re adding new ones all the time!), your students will get tons of practice seeing the purpose of the math skills they’re learning!

Dive in & have your students start playing TODAY!

Here’s how it works:


Digital Math Games has an option for every budget. Choose monthly payments, annual payments or the one-time fee. Each option gives you access to ALL grade levels, which you can use will ALL your students.


As long as you have access to internet, you can log in from any device! No special downloads, flash players or software needed. Teachers create a single class login, then share the username and password with students in their class to use the website at school or at home.


Students can play each game as many times as they want or need. They can practice on-level skills, or feel free to have them jump ahead or review previous skills. With access to ALL of the grade levels, you can use Digital Math Games however you need!

Get FULL access to ALL of the games with every membership.

  • Completely ad-free
  • Access to all grade levels
  • All games are self-checking
  • Students can repeat as often as they’d like!

Hi there, I’m Bethany.

As a former classroom math teacher & homeschooling mama of four, I know how important it is to help kids practice math skills in a meaningful way.

On my main website, Math Geek Mama, my mission is to provide access to engaging and fun resources (that don’t break the bank!) that encourage kids to dig deeper, make connections and learn the why behind the math they‚Äôre learning. All while having fun!

Here at Digital Math Games, our goal is to incorporate technology into the classroom in fun and purposeful ways that deepen understanding. And hopefully take a load off your plate by providing self-checking activities that really strengthen students’ math skills!

See what other happy teachers, instructional coaches, & parents have to say about Digital Math Games:

During checkout, you will create an account using your email address and password of your choice. After checkout, you can share that username/password with students, or you can create a separate “class account” to share. Students can then login to the site at anytime, on any device, to access the activities. You will also receive a follow up email with a link to the login page and set up directions as well.

After you sign up, you will receive an email with directions for logging in and creating a class account. You simply share a link to the login page, along with your class username and password so parents can login on their devices at home. You will also receive a “Get Started” letter that you can fill out and send home with students so parents can learn about the site and login. Please note, however, that you cannot share your login credentials with other teachers, admin, neighbors, etc. This account is for your personal use only.

Nothing special is needed to use this site at all! As long as you have a device with a web browser and a solid internet connection, you’re good to go. Just have students login to your class account the first time they use the site and click ‘remember me.’ Their device should then remember the login so they don’t have to login each time they access a game.

Unfortunately, there is no reporting available at this time. These activities are simply meant to be a way for students to practice and self-monitor their understanding. We are, however, adding printable recording/reflection pages to each activity so that students can show their thinking and extend their learning beyond the digital game. Teachers can then print the recording page to assess their understanding or provide a grade for the activity if they wish. Not all games include this yet, but most do, and the rest should be finished by summer 2024.

Our desire is to create top-notch activities that teachers and students love AND to keep the price of membership so low that the value far exceeds the cost. However, if you find your membership is not what you are looking for, you can cancel at anytime by going to your “account” page. Please note that you will still have access to the site for the duration of your membership, but will not be charged again when that time runs out.

The games and activities on the site are aligned to U.S. common core math standards for grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are not in the U.S. this would be roughly kids ages 8-12.

Currently, our focus is on providing excellent math challenges to cover every math standard in grades 3-6. We are also working on printable recording/reflection pages for each activity, should teachers or parents want a written component to go along with the digital games. After that, it is possible we will expand to grades 7-8, but this will likely not happen until 2025.

Ready to get started?!

  • Access over 50 games per grade level (3rd-6th) – plus any new games we add in the future!
  • Get access to ALL grade levels with your membership!
  • All games are self-checking
  • Students can play games as often as they’d like!
  • Share your membership with your students’ parents (at no extra cost!)
  • Access from ANY device with an internet connection

Choose your best option:

Monthly Option:

  • $7 per month, billed¬†monthly
  • Access to ALL Grades 3-6 Games
  • Access to NEW Games
  • Start with a¬†2-Week Free Trial¬†
  • Cancel anytime!

Annual Option:

  • $4.75 per month, billed¬†annually
  • Access to ALL Grades 3-6 Games
  • Access to NEW Games
  • Start with a¬†2-Week Free Trial¬†
  • Cancel anytime!

One-Time Payment Option:

(3-year access)

  • $2.75 per month, billed¬†once
  • Access to ALL Grades 3-6 Games
  • Access to NEW Games
  • No recurring fees!