5th Grade Math Activities

Click any of the images below to practice your math skills!

Fraction Fruit Salad: Add Fractions

Add Fractions with Visual Models

Match the Model: Addition with Decimals

Area at the Post Office: Fractional Side Lengths

Art Canvases: Find the Area of A Rectangle

Classify 2D Shapes

Ship Shape: Classifying 2-D Shapes

Compare Decimals

Construction Comparing: Understanding Fraction Multiplication

Converting Measurements

Analyzing Data on a Line Plot

Powers of 10 Matching Game: Divide by Powers of 10

Pizza Fractions: Division

Luca’s Lolli’s: Division Practice

Division with Decimals: Show What You Know!

Pasta and Herbs: Division with Remainders

Fossil Fun: Exponents & Powers of Ten

Generate Number Sequences

Girl Troop Cookies: Finding Volume

Understand the Importance of Grouping

McBurger Mishaps: Division Challenge

Making Music: Multiplication Challenge

Measurement Conversions: Are They Right?

Pizza Prep: Multiplication with Decimals

Multiply & Divide by Powers of Ten

Multiply Fractions by Fractions: Visual Models

Alternate Recipes: Multiply Fractions

Create Story Problems: Multiply Whole Numbers by Fractions

What’s That Point?

Neighborhood Grid: Ordered Pairs

Homework Help: Order of Operations

Science Experiments: Understand Parentheses, Brackets, or Braces

Pasta Time: Division with Fractions

The Changing One: Decimal Place Value

Find Your Place: A Place Value Game

Custom Clothing Challenge: Place Value in Base Ten

Locate Points on the Coordinate Plane

Polygon or Not?

Real World: Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Cheese Shop: Round Decimal Values

Science Experiments: Expressing Numbers Multiple Ways

Road Trip Fun: Subtract Fractions

Subtract Fractions with Visual Models

Match the Model: Subtraction with Decimals

Tables, Points and Graphing

Make Sense of Order of Operations

Understanding Coordinate Graphs: Real World Problems

Volume Matching Challenges

Find the Volume of Composite Figures

Find the Volume of Prisms

Find the Volume of Prisms

Colorful Expressions

Write Numerical Expressions