5th Grade Math Activities

Click any of the images below to practice your math skills!

Fraction Fruit Salad: Add Fractions

Add Fractions with Visual Models

Match the Model: Addition with Decimals

Area at the Post Office: Fractional Side Lengths

Classify 2D Shapes

Compare Decimals

Analyzing Data on a Line Plot

Pizza Fractions: Division

Luca’s Lolli’s: Division Practice

Division with Decimals: Show What You Know!

Fossil Fun: Exponents & Powers of Ten

Generate Number Sequences

Understand the Importance of Grouping

McBurger Mishaps: Division Challenge

Making Music: Multiplication Challenge

Measurement Conversions: Are They Right?

Pizza Prep: Multiplication with Decimals

Multiply & Divide by Powers of Ten

Multiply Fractions by Fractions: Visual Models

Alternate Recipes: Multiply Fractions

Create Story Problems: Multiply Whole Numbers by Fractions

What’s That Point?

Homework Help: Order of Operations

Pasta Time: Division with Fractions

The Changing One: Decimal Place Value

Find Your Place: A Place Value Game

Custom Clothing Challenge: Place Value in Base Ten

Locate Points on the Coordinate Plane

Polygon or Not?

Cheese Shop: Round Decimal Values

Road Trip Fun: Subtract Fractions

Subtract Fractions with Visual Models

Match the Model: Subtraction with Decimals

Tables, Points and Graphing

Make Sense of Order of Operations

Volume Matching Challenges

Find the Volume of Composite Figures

Find the Volume of Prisms

Find the Volume of Prisms

Colorful Expressions

Write Numerical Expressions