In this activity, you will have 10 slides where you will help out the school by solving multiplication problems.

Type your answer into the box on each slide.

Don’t forget to click the blue ‘check’ button to check it’s correct before moving on to the next slide.

Use the right arrow to move onto the next slide.

Good luck!

Grab the Printable Recording Page!

Want to further engage and challenge your students? Combine the game above with the printable recording page, where they can record their thinking and answers to the game and further practice this math skill.

Feeling stuck? Pay attention to place value and keep numbers in line with their place. It often helps to work out problems on graph paper so you can better align the numbers. You must also remember to use a zero placeholder when you move to the tens place, since you are actually multiplying by a multiple of ten. For more directions on large number multiplication, see this video tutorial.

There are no formulas to use for this math task.

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