4th Grade Math Activities

Click any of the images below to practice your math skills!

Add Angle Measurements

Add Fractions: Denominators of 10 and 100

Bountiful Breakfast: Fraction Challenge

Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers

Add Those Dogs: Addition Challenge Problems

Planting Grass: Solving for Area

Baking Conversions

Classify Triangles by Angle Measures

Classify Triangles by Their Side Lengths

Dare to Compare: Decimals

Who Got More Snow? Compare Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Let’s Compare: Large Numbers

Compare Monsters: Unknown Factor Challenge

Find That Decimal! Convert Fractions to Decimals

Paleontologist Dig: Converting Units of Measurement

Create Equivalent Fractions

Create Line Plots with Data Sets

What’s the Distance?

BBQ Bash: Practice with Division

Drawing Lines of Symmetry

Pies, Pies, Pies! Equations with Unit Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Match

Finding Factor Pairs

Finding Treasure: Is That a Multiple?

Finding Perimeter

Unit Fraction Expressions Matching Challenge

Identify Lines of Symmetry

Identify Right Triangles

Analyze the Lines and Angles in Shapes

Fishing for Multiples

Measuring Angles

Sprinkler Angles: Exploring Angles in a Circle

Comparing Fairy Powers: Missing Factors

Farmer’s Market Challenge

Dragon Challenge: Multiplication Word Problems

Cookies Galore: Multiplication Word Problems

Soda Factory Challenge: Multiplying Fractions

Snowflake Patterns

Figure Out the Pattern

Place Value of Large Numbers

Matching Game: Powers of Ten

Prime or Composite?

Making Sense of Large Numbers

Bird Watching: Round Large Numbers

Find the Missing Angle Measurement

Tech Sales Challenge Problems

Time for Chores Challenge

What Does the Animal Weigh?

Writing Equations with Variables