6th Grade Math Activities

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Matching 3-D Shapes & Their Nets

What’s the Problem? Adding Multi-Digit Decimals

Area of Composite Figures

Compare Rational & Absolute Value Numbers

Comparing Bank Accounts: Integer Practice

Convert Measurements with Ratios

Mystical Creatures: Ratio Tables

Finding Distance on the Coordinate Plane

Chores Galore: Dividing Multi-Digit Decimals

Divide Multi-Digit Numbers

Equations, Graphs & Tables

Equivalent Expressions Matching Game

Equivalent Expressions Matching Game #2

Equivalent Ratios Match Up

Potion Making: Creating Equivalent Ratios

Evaluating Exponents: Game 1

Evaluating Exponents: Game 2

Evaluating Inequalities

Write Exponents in Expanded Form

Memory Game: Find the Range

Find the Unit Rate

Schedule Troubles: Finding Least Common Multiple

Finding the Absolute Value

Fruit Baskets: Greatest Common Factor

Chameleon Expressions: Identifying Equivalent Expressions

Identify Parts of an Expression

Integers in the Real World

Integers on the Number Line

What’s the Meaning of That Zero?

Jelly Bean Ratios: Double Number Lines

What Number Makes the Equation True?

Match Verbal Expressions to Numerical Expressions

What’s the Meaning of That Variable?

Mixing Paint: Color Ratios

Chocolate Math: Multiplying Multi-Digit Decimals

Flashcards: Numerical Expressions with Exponents

Opposites on the Number Line

Ratio Tables & the Coordinate Plane

Order Rational Numbers on a Number Line

Reflections on the Coordinate Plane

Shapes on the Coordinate Plane

Write Equivalent Expressions

Sports Stats: Find Percentages

Statistical Questions Sorting Challenge

Secret Codes: Subtracting Multi-Digit Decimals

Super Shopper Savings: Dividing Multi-Digit Decimals

Using Ratios to Find the Original Price

Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Breakfast Boxes: Find Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Volume Word Problems

What’s the Opposite?

Write Numerical Expressions

Ratios of Marbles: Writing Ratios