Hi, I’m Bethany!

I am a former math teacher turned homeschol mom who has a passion for making math engaging and purposeful for kids.

In our increasingly digital world, we want kids to be comfortable with technology and using it in the classroom in meaningful ways. Unfortunately, a lot of the technology that I see in the classroom is not actually enhancing or supporting math learning. Instead, it is “doing math on a computer” just for the sake of using a computer.

With the formation of DigitalMathGames.com, I hope to change that. The goal of this site is to provide engaging and meaningful math practice that allows students to use technology to support, develop and deepen their math understanding, with real world problem solving, meaningful visuals and manipulatives, and engaging games to practice skills.

Meet Cassie!

I have been an educator for 6 years and teaching is my passion! I have taught 5th and 6th grade and I currently teach 6th grade gifted students in Elementary Education.

I graduated from Brigham Young University and have an endorsement in inquiry based math. I am passionate about helping students see the why behind math and helping them use math in real world contexts. I am currently working on my endorsement in gifted education and have a lot of experience creating math content.

When I’m not at work, I am at home loving on my three children, all under the age of 5. I also love reading, all things Disney, and date nights with my hubby!

See the difference for yourself!

Want to test out some of the activities on the site? Learn more about what is included with an all-access pass and try out a few of the games on the “sample games” page below. Click to get started!