In this activity, you will match fractions with equivalent fractions.

There are two sets of 6 pairs each. To begin, drag the fractions on the left to an equivalent fraction on the right. Once you have matched all pairs, click the blue ‘check’ button to check your answers.

If you got some wrong, click ‘retry’ and try it again.

Once you get all the matches right, use the right arrow to go to the next set of equivalent fraction matches and try it again!

Good luck!

Grab the Printable Recording Page!

Want to further engage and challenge your students? Combine the game above with the printable recording page, where they can record their thinking and answers to the game and further practice this math skill.

Feeling stuck? Remember that the top of a fraction (numerator) represents how many parts you’re talking about out of the whole, while the bottom number (denominator) represents how many parts there are altogether in the whole. In other words, if a pizza is cut into 12 slices, 12 is the whole. If two fractions represent the same amount of the whole, they are equivalent. For example, 1/3 is equivalent to 2/6.

There are no formulas to use for this math task.

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