In this activity, you will be comparing decimals on 8 slides.

Drag and drop the greater than, less than, or equal to symbol to the box to create a statement that is true.

Don’t forget to click the blue ‘check’ button to check your answer before moving onto the next slide.

Use the right arrow to navigate to the next slide.

Good luck!

Grab the Printable Recording Page!

Want to further engage and challenge your students? Combine the game above with the printable recording page, where they can record their thinking and answers to the game and further practice this math skill.

Feeling stuck? Try thinking of each weight as dollars and cents instead of grams. For instance, 0.9 is equal to $0.90, while 0.89 is equal to $0.89. Therefore, 0.9 is greater.

There are no formulas to use for this math task.

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