In this activity, you will be given 8 slides with numerical expressions on them.

Evaluate the given expression using order of operations.

Then click on the correct matching answer on the bottom.

If you click on the correct answer, you will automatically move on to the next problem.

If you click on the wrong answer, you will be taken to the ‘oops’ slide. Click anywhere on the oops slide and it will take you back to try again.

Continue until you have evaluated all the expressions. Click play again to start over!

Good luck!

Grab the Printable Recording Page!

Want to further engage and challenge your students? Combine the game above with the printable recording page, where they can record their thinking and answers to the game and further practice this math skill.

Feeling stuck? Remember that often times in math, order matters. To correctly evaluate each expression, you must follow the order of operations. This means performing the operations in this order:

  • Parentheses (complete every operation inside a parenthesis first)
  • Exponents (if there are any exponents in the expression, evaluate them second)
  • Multiplication & Division (perform all multiplication and division in order from left to right)
  • Addition & Subtraction (perform all addition and subtraction in order from left to right)

There are no formulas to use for this math task.

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