Do you know your multiplication facts? Test your knowledge with this simple matching game to practice the x6 multiplication facts.

To find matches, click on any two cards. When you find a match, the cards will fade out. Keep searching until you find all the matches!

There are 10 matches in all. Once you find them all, reset to play again and see if you can beat your score!

Use the right arrow at the bottom to navigate to the next slide.

Good luck!

Grab the Printable Recording Page!

Want to further engage and challenge your students? Combine the game above with the printable recording page, where they can record their thinking and answers to the game and further practice this math skill.

Feeling stuck? Remember that multiplication means equal groups. So 3 x 4 means 3 groups of 4, or 4 + 4 + 4. And when you multiply x 1, it means you only have one group!

There are no formulas to use for this math task.

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