Word Problem Practice

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Bountiful Breakfast: Fraction Challenge

Mandy’s Amazing Macarons

Baking Conversions

Let’s Go Camping

Compare Monsters: Unknown Factor Challenge

Comparing Bank Accounts: Integer Practice

What’s the Distance?

Chores Galore: Dividing Multi-Digit Decimals

Divide Multi-Digit Numbers

Luca’s Lolli’s: Division Practice

BBQ Bash: Practice with Division

Pasta and Herbs: Division with Remainders

Potion Making: Creating Equivalent Ratios

Find the Unit Rate

Girl Troop Cookies: Finding Volume

Fruit Baskets: Greatest Common Factor

Gummy Shop Challenge

Hotel Estimations

Integers in the Real World

What’s the Meaning of That Zero?

Jelly Bean Ratios: Double Number Lines

McBurger Mishaps: Division Challenge

Measurement Conversions: Are They Right?

Comparing Fairy Powers: Missing Factors

Mixing Paint: Color Ratios

Farmer’s Market Challenge

Dragon Challenge: Multiplication Word Problems

Cookies Galore: Multiplication Word Problems

Time For Lunch: Multiply & Divide Challenge

Alternate Recipes: Multiply Fractions

Chocolate Math: Multiplying Multi-Digit Decimals

Create Story Problems: Multiply Whole Numbers by Fractions

Soda Factory Challenge: Multiplying Fractions

Opposites on the Number Line

Pasta Time: Division with Fractions

Real World: Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Round Those Dogs: Nearest Hundred

Ice Cream Shop Rounding: Nearest Ten

Sports Stats: Find Percentages

Super Shopper Savings: Dividing Multi-Digit Decimals

Time for Sports Challenge

Time for Chores Challenge

Pirate Treasure: Volume Word Problems

Lemonade Stand Word Problems

What Does the Animal Weigh?

Woodland Expressions

Barnyard Inequalities: Create & Show Inequalities on a Number Line

Colorful Expressions

Circus, Circus! Write & Solve Equations and Identify Variables

Writing Equations with Variables